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Reliable Landscape Lighting Services

landscape lighting

As a homeowner, you put a lot of work into making sure that your home and its exterior features look great at all times, so there's no reason that you shouldn't show off that hard work after sundown. At One Call Electric, Heating & Cooling Service, Inc., our South Plainfield electricians can help you create a landscape lighting design that makes your home's exterior shine at night.

Our professionals will help you design a landscape lighting scheme that will enhance your home's exterior appearance and help to accentuate the best features of your home's exterior and landscape. These lighting fixtures can highlight architectural features, plants and trees, or any other part of your home's landscape design. Our professionals will work with you directly to custom design your landscape lighting scheme so that it's a perfect addition to your home, and we'll ensure that the new lighting design is functional, efficient, and attractive.

Why Install Landscape Lighting?

  • Ambiance and Entertainment

Landscape lighting can help you create the perfect atmosphere for entertaning guests. You can illuminate swimming pools, decks, patios, recreational spaces, or sitting areas for use long after the sun sets.

  • Beauty

Landscape lighting can help you accentuate the architecture of your South Plainfield home while showcasing its artistry and charm. Allow your guests to experience the beauty of your fountains, flowers,trees, and shrubs. Create dramatic scenes that reveal the subtle contours, shapes and textures of your property.

  • Security

Lighting your home's landscape is an effective way to deter residential intrusion and crime. Landscape lighting may not be able to prevent crime, but statistics show that a well-lit home is much less likely to be the victim of crime. Motion tripped flood lights are a great way to protect your home.

  • Safety

Landscape lighting accents pathways, stairs, and other potential safety hazards on your property.

  • Added Value

Our custom designed landscape lighting schemes can improve the appearance of your home and increase its resale value.

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality with Your Landscape Lighting Design

When our professionals install a landscape lighting scheme for your South Plainfield home, we understand that there are two parts to a successful job:

  1. We need to be able to select the proper equipment and ensure complete functionality of the system, and
  2. We need to design an artful set-up for the lighting fixtures.

We'll make sure that your landscape lighting scheme is both artfully and functionally designed.

We'll help yo uselect the perfect lighting fixtures for your home, ensuring that they're energy efficienct and totally functional. We'll also take care of any of the work you need for bulbs, light fixture housing, and cables & wiring. We'll also make sure that the design is a perfect addition to and enhancement of your home's landscape.

If you're looking for landscape lighting in South Plainfield, call One Call Electrical, Heating & Cooling Service, Inc. at 908-769-8200, or fill out our online request form.