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Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Services

ac repair

You and your family rely on your home for comfort at all times, so you need your air conditioner to be kept in excellent shape. During the summer months, you need to know that your cooling system will be able to keep your home cool and comfortable, and you need to know that you're not overpaying for your energy costs. At One Call Electrical, Heating & Cooling Service, Inc., our South Plainfield HVAC contractors can help you solve any problems that you encounter with your cooling system and guarantee that it's effective and efficient.

Our HVAC contractors are licensed and trained professionals who can always provide you with high quality workmanship and professional customer service. Whether your air conditioning system has been running less efficiently or it's stopped producing cold air altogether, we'll be able to find the root cause of the problem and perform thorough repairs.

Call us today to schedule your air conditioning repairs, and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.

Maintenance and Repairs for Your Home's Cooling System

Having regular maintenance performed on your home's AC is the best way to prevent major problems from developing. Air conditioners that receive maintenance services will run more efficiently, keep your home more comfortable, and have a longer lifespan. Our professionals recommend that you have a yearly tune-up performed on your air conditioning system in order to guarantee the best performance and highest energy efficiency.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Whenever there's a serious problem with your air conditioner, there's a good chance that it's being caused by issues with the compressor or the condensor:

  • The compressor sends cooled air into the ducts to be distributed throughout your South Plainfield home. Anything that restricts the airflow in your ducts will make it more difficult for your compressor to function, and that will raise your energy costs.
  • The condenser removes hot air from your home. If you place your hand near the condenser, you should be able to feel hot air coming out. If you cannot, you have a problem.

Our professionals will inspect your home's air conditioner, diagnose the issues, and provide high quality, thorough repairs. We'll ensure that your air conditioner is in the best condition possible, and we'll do whatever it takes to guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

If you're looking for AC installations in South Plainfield, call One Call Electrical, Heating & Cooling Service, Inc. at 908-769-8200, or fill out our online request form.